Kimberley fan @JohnNadine has shared the Specsavers promotional flyer with us.

Check it out below in our gallery:

Get down to your local Specsavers store and see if you can nab a few, and don’t forget the magazine too!

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Kimberley Walsh may be five months pregnant but her bump was cleverly hidden in a blue silk dress on a video shoot for the official song of the Tour de France.

The 32-year-old was spotted filming the video in the Yorkshire Moors near Leeds on Tuesday evening where the British leg of the world famous cycle race starts later this summer.

The singer, who was born in nearby Bradford, said: ‘It’s a bit different to anything I have done before and the moors give the video a Heathcliff and Catherine vibe.’

‘l enjoy cycling and I was recently involved in the Sky Ride in Leeds but I won’t be doing any cycling in the video as I’m five months pregnant.

‘I’m really looking forward to watching the race and so excited that it is starting in Yorkshire. We hope the song will give people a way to remember this special event.’

Kimberley, who is expecting her baby with long term partner Justin Scott, may not be able to cycle at the moment but she is still keeping fit and active.

She said: ‘I plan to keep working and stay active until I feel I need to stop. I’ve been walking a lot to stay healthy.

‘I had cravings for spicy food at the start of my pregnancy but now I’m in my second trimester things are levelling out and I’m feeling much more myself.

‘We’ve decided we’re not going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl, it will be a nice surprise and we don’t mind, we have no preference.’

Kimberley is starring in the video alongside Alistair Griffin, who wrote catchy song, The Road, as the official anthem for Yorkshire’s Grand Depart 2014, which last came to England in 2007.

The track was commissioned by Welcome to Yorkshire, who led the winning bid to bring the Tour de France to the county.

The pair were seen singing on a desolate road in the hills near to Leeds city centre, where the race will begin in July.

Kimberley, who broke her wrist slipping over last month, was also seen without a bandage for the first time since the accident.


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The down-to-earth music star is looking forward to motherhood.

A mysterious thing happens before I interview Kimberley Walsh.

I tell just one person who asks what I’m working on and before I know it, I have a trail of men at my desk asking questions. Can you get a photo of Kimberley for me? Can you ask her what her favourite song is? Have you spoken to her yet — I bet she was nice.

I’ve interviewed plenty of gorgeous women in this job (it’s not great for the self-esteem), but no-one has had quite the same effect as Kimberley.

But when I tell her this, she shrugs it off. Most celebrities say they never think of themselves as sexy or irresistible. Let’s face it, we always think, yeah sure you don’t. You love it! But with her I kind of believe it.

“I never think about that, I honestly don’t,” she says in her broad Bradford accent. “I actually feel I get a lot of warmth from women in my daily life, which means more to me to be honest. Sorry, men!”

She’s right. Despite the gorgeous face, the run-your-hands-through-me hair and the killer curves, she’s a girls’ girl.

“Ooh, yeah, I get women coming up to me all the time. Me and Cheryl [Cole] seem to be the same. I think people know that we’re not threatening women at all. We’ve got morals. We don’t give off a bad vibe because it’s not who we are.

“I think people know that’s not us. So women will come up to me and say ‘oh my boyfriend wants me to get a picture of you. I wouldn’t normally do this but I don’t mind because it’s you’. That’s a massive compliment.”

She’s having a baby with boyfriend Justin Scott, a former member of boyband Triple 8, and is blooming beautiful with it, one of these women who actually glows. “Aah, thank you. I’m fine now. I’m over the tiredness and quite enjoying it. I did have a scare because I fell and broke my wrist. Instinct kicked in and I was so worried about the baby, I put my hand out to protect my tummy. I was so glad to get the reassurance that everything is OK.”

Kimberley looks great and you just know she will throughout her pregnancy. But is she going to be one of these amazing but annoying women that pings back into shape the minute the baby is born? It’s practically the law for celebrities these days. Think Victoria Beckham, Myleene Klass and even the Duchess of Cambridge, whose celebrated ‘mummy tummy’ seems to have disappeared into thin air.

“Haha! I doubt that to be honest with you. I’m not like that now, I have to work at it, so I don’t see it being any different after I have the baby,” she laughs.

Part of me is glad. I feel sorry for ‘normal’ mums today, who have to put up with endless celebrities effortlessly slipping back into skinny jeans.

“That’s a fair point,” she says. “My older sister has had two kids. So we’ve got one two and a half year old in the family and one six months old. And she’s actually said to me, I can’t believe Holly Willoughby or whoever looks so good. I said to her ‘look, calm down, it’s fine, all these people will have had help’. It’s important for people to realise that.”

I’m speaking to Kimberley, 32, today because she’s been chosen as the face of the Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition. Changed days. When I was younger, we were brought up thinking men didn’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.

“You’re so right. Even when I was at school wearing glasses had a stigma to them. It was never going to get you a date at the school disco, was it?” she hoots. “But I love the way people are wearing them as part of their whole look now. It’s that whole geek chic thing.”

Of course, it helps if you look like Kimberley in the first place. She looks amazing, but she’s not just a pretty face. There was a time during her Girls Aloud days when she practically ran the show and was both secretary and director of the band’s official company. She’s widely credited with helping to make them the huge success that they became.

Kimberley’s admits all this meant she became a bit of a bossy boots so I wonder what she makes of the celeb campaign to ban the word ‘bossy’ for girls, supported by the likes of Beyonce.

“Ha-ha-ha, well Sarah [Harding, her former bandmate] said to me I would be a bossy mum, which is funny. But I’m not surprised she said that, because I probably did boss her around in the group. She needed it — she was a nightmare, but she was funny! I’ve always been strong willed and know what I want, but as you get older, you learn to listen to other people.”

She seems pretty down to earth and ‘normal’, not really starry at all. Does she think being a Northern lass has helped?

“Maybe. I think people think I might look all right. But then they hear me and think, well, she sounds friendly. And my sisters, Sally and Amy, and brother Adam help. I’m sure they sometimes think ‘oh for goodness’ sake, she’s not that good’. I can go out unrecognised if I want to. I get stopped occasionally but you’d be amazed. People just ignore me because they’ve got their own lives to get on with.”

She’s still great mates with former bandmates Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts, but says her best friend is someone she’s known much longer.

“I’ve known Alix since I was five and we went through three schools together,she says. “With Alix it’s on a different level because she knew me before all THIS happened.”

“She’s just become a mum, too, so we’ve got lots to talk about.”

Spare time is spent with friends or her sisters and nephews. “I said I might have been bossy. But with my nephews I’m just a total pushover. I’ll probably be that kind of mum!”


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> Out and About > 2014 > 12th Apr – Leaving the Leicester Square Theatre

Just added 37 pictures of Kimberley leaving the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday evening after watching comedian Rob Beckett, with Denise Van Outen.

See them all in the gallery by clicking the thumbs above.

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Last week, Kimberley attended the Body Frock fashion launch and Mahiki club.

She wore a black and white Body Frock dress, which you can purchase from their online store:

Check out all the pictures in the gallery on the links below.

> Public Appearances > 2014 > 10th Apr – Body Frock Launch
> Out and About > 2014 > 10th Apr – Arriving at Mahiki for the Body Frock launch
> Out and About > 2014 > 10th Apr – Leaving Mahiki after the Body Frock launch

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Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2014 > Specsavers Spring/Summer 2014

Kimberley appears in the free Specsavers Spring/Summer magazine, which you can pick up from your local high street store.

It has a little interview inside, and what her favourite specs are.

This is different to the promotional magazine that’s been floating around [See HERE for those scans]

Thanks to GAM check out the scans in the gallery above.

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On Monday evening, Kimberley attended the VIP gala press night for a new show at the Lyric theatre called “Pasha & Katya”.

As you may have guessed by now, the show stars her ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner and good friend Pasha Kovalev.

Info about the show:

This year Pasha and Katya are touring the UK with a brand new show inspired by their love of films, Hollywood history and of course dance!

Pasha and Katya have recreated some of their favourite dance scenes from their all time favourtite films.

They will be joined on stage by children’s dance schools from around the UK who will be performing as well.

Kimberley showed off her growing baby bump in a gorgeous blue bodyfrock dress (buy here).

See all the pictures from the evening, in our gallery NOW!

Out and About > 2014 > 7th Apr – Arriving at the Lyric Theatre
Public Appearances > 2014 > 7th Apr – VIP Gala for Pasha & Katya show
Out and About > 2014 > 7th Apr – Leaving the Lyric Theatre
Out and About > 2014 > 7th Apr – Leaving the Home House club

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I have been a bit busy recently but i have just caught up on the latest magazine scans for you to read.

First up, 2 weeks worth of OK! Magazine, where Kimberley has her own pregnancy diary. In the first week, she told us how she broke her wrist, and the second week she revealed what Justin did for her on Mothers Day (sooo cute!)

Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2014 > OK! 07/04/14
Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2014 > OK! 14/04/14

Next, she is in this week’s Hello magazine (out now), talking about bumps, babies, wedding bells and bonding with Cheryl.

Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2014 > Hello! 14/04/14

And finally, the front and back cover scans from a Specsavers promo magazine, thanks to Will @ GAM for the scans.

Magazine & Newspaper Scans > 2014 > Specsavers Promotional Magazine

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